My name is Sos Sosowski, and I’m from Poland.

I am a certified EFL teacher (English as a Foreign Language), and worked few years in different schools, but since it’s kind of not my type, I decided to get a job at gamedev industry. Since programming jobs suck all kinds of balls, I decided to get another job. Sicne I didn’t get another job, I decided to go indie. And here I am :)

Before all that happened, I was making games since primary school. For C64, for DOS, then Windows, then Flash, and now I’m just starting with mobile :)

Mostly I’m an old generation low-level programmer, who likes using Assembler, C, and writes stuff that noone can even read. But due to popular demand, I learnt to make flash games and other timewasters :)

Dunno what to write next…

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    Dear Mr or Mrs from SOS,
    I´m Miguel from Youtube, I have a YouTube channel about gaming and related types of content like reviews, let´s play,analysis…

    Recently i have see your new game McPixel and see it very interesting to make a review and expose it in my channel and and circumvent a copy ( ). My proposal is the following one: I can create content about your game ( for example, at first a general review and then a complete let´s play showing your game to my aidience ) if you send me a code of the game for PC a limited time ( for example one month )

    If you are interested on it to promote your game, contact with me on the following addres:

    Thank you.

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    Dominik Moravčíková

    Dear Mr Sosowski,

    representing the organization staff of the 50th Academia Film Olomouc, festival of popular science films, I would like to invite you as a guest speaker to come to Olomouc in Czech republic.

    AFO will take place on 14th – 19th April 2015, featuring great movies, lectures and guests, distinguished physicist Lawrence Krauss and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins among them.

    Under the section “Science and War” we prepare a projection of polish documentary about virtual WW2 “Wirtualna wojna” (
    In this connection we would like to realize a lecture or a debate about war games.

    If you are interested, send me an email.



    > AFO Website:

    > AFO 2014:

    > AFO presentation

    >AFO jingle

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    You should really add some text saying that you were the guy trolling the reporters in the global game jam thing.

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