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So, I went totally rebel this time. Because We May is a really cool event hosted by Ron Carmel. the premise was that we celebrate being able to adjust our games’ prices to our pleasure. So I changed the price of Super Office Stress to $99.99 for the entire week. I already explained some of the reasoning behind this to Chris of Indie Game Mag and you can read about it here, but let me get to it in more detail.

Why did Super Office Stress went all this way up:

  • First of all, I wanted to do this anyways! Yes, I was planning on setting up a sale like this for some time! Coincidentally, because We May was coming soon, so I took my chance!
  • I wanted to display the slight irony of ‘celebrating’ by setting the price down while indies keep starving. (Ironically to that, SOS was made for Indie Buskers, remeber?)
  • I wanted to spark a discussion about indie game pricing, which I think I succeeded in.
  • I actually thought someone might buy it.
  • Fun factor! I have tendency to do silly shit spontaneously. I couldn’t possibly resist missing such oppoturnity.
  • I was curious on how people would react to that.

Luckily to me, most people got the point that I was just being super-silly with that. Even more luckily, I managed to serve some food for thought, and I’m quite proud of that. I was also deemed a douche, I guess that’s understandable.

Anyways! I promised to make up for all this, so have a happy Kiddie Day and enjoy Super Office Stress for free! Only for the day!

Now I need to get back to getting used to being a douche, ASSHOLE.

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