So, recently I got a Switch (I love it!), and been playing Zelda, but since there’s only 32GB of Flash memory inside, I decided to dig up an old SD card I’ve been using in my Dell Venue 8 Pro (a reaaaallly neat Windows 10 tablet) before I decided to sit on it (seriously., tablets that fit your back pocket are the worst).

But as I tried to check for data my PC wouldn’t recognise it (acted as if there’s no valid partitioning present). “I must have installed Linux on it”, I thought, and promptly inserted it into my Switch deciding to format it there, and as i did that, switch hung up with gray screen and became unresponsive to everything including the power button. I thought “Shit” and as I wanted to take out the card it was reaaaallly hot and burned my finger a little (these things are pretty small).

I thought, “wow! that was scary” and I noticed that the card back sticker has moved and there’s my fingerprint on it, and also a small mark left on the switch. So I took some pictures and tweeted about that!


But before I know it this escalated into a disaster of people blaming the Switch. I wrote that it was the SD card fault in a following tweet. But… nobody reads “following” tweets and now I just seen this in a youtube video and a news outlet picked up on that. And now I feel bad so the tweet goes DOWN and here’s the full story.

MicroSD cards are really small. And a 128GB one contain 1,099,511,627,776 bits of data. If each of this bits was a tiny 1mm x 1mm tile, this would take 1 square kilometer! But it all fits into this tiny card!

Slightest error might cause a piece of insulation inside the card to be missing, thus creating a short circuit that will dissipate heat. That can also happen after time, as SD cards heat up quite a bit under normal operation.

Stuff breaks. I wouldn’t even ask for a replacement as this spent a year in my drawer. Perhaps it was even me who damaged mechanically it be accident. Perhaps it was radiation, or another device. Perhaps it was a bad batch. Who knows! Well, I don’t! But this escalated beyond reason so I took the thing down. Farewell, fake news!

My sincere apologies for all the confusion this caused. I did not mean that.

tl;dr I used a broken SD card. These are pretty rare. There’s no need to panic. The tweet is fake news and I took it down.

PS. Here are all the fake news, some of who decided to write their own part of this story for dramatic effect (chekc out these headlines!):

EDIT: removed the Japanese website, as it seems it listed the thing right! Apologies for more confusion!

EDIT 2: People are saying some of the news coin Amazon review from a different card! That was actually me doing this in the first place. The thing is, it seems that Amazon lists a single SD card review across multiple models! Talk about misinformation! Here is how it looks

EDIT 3: Found my favourite. This youtube video with a guy saying, I quote: “Apparently, his Switch overheated to the point his SD card got turned to mush. Can’t make this shit up. Well, you just did.

4 Responses to “Fried 128GB microSD card in a Switch clarification.”

  1. 17

    Good that you wrote a clarifying post about it. It is scary how fast false information spreads.
    I feel like SanDisk should send you a “we’re mad that you dragged us down but thanks for rowing back” package :D

  2. 17

    Sosu, ty chory Penisie :D you made my day! hahahah.

  3. 18
    Tatiana Janacek

    You should get a replacement from SanDisk. They have a lifetime warranty. I did that for a couple of microsd that malfunctioned and they have me a new one and in some cases they updated model!

  4. 14

    From your story, it seems that pocket tablet you sat on while using the memory card probably has compromised the micro sd card. When a lithium battery is bent or takes an impact it will cause an over heat. Thinking your switch will save this little card by formatting it while it was already damaged in your tablet was probably the actual case here. Otherwise I’d worry about the switch console overheating but it doesn’t seem you care about the console as much as the memory.

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