Ok, I totally hate to do this but I have to. I will try to properly explain myself so please don’t hate me for that.

Bad news:
McPixel PC release date gets pushed back to 25th of June

I really feel bad about that so let me rant on how it have come to this. First of all, the 6th of June was nearly impossible and I consciously set that hoping to get it done in time. I wanted to kick myself in the butt and get the shit done in time. Other than that, I am bound by having to make games for a living, so I calculated that this is the possible time when I will ran out of cash. So yeah, why didn’t I open the preorders? I dunno! But what is most important, is that I don’t want to release a half-assed game and I want to do my best to have the best possible product came out of this. I really put some heart into this game and I want to do this properly, so I’d rather push it a while back and let you enjoy the fully bloomed experience of this crazy insanity and stuff blowing up.

So, that was bad news, now for the better ones!

Good news:
McPixel is open for preorders and you can grab it at discounted price!

I thought about what to set as final price for McPixel and I decided that ten bucks is fine. I do believe that this is a fair price and that you will not regret spending that on the game. But I said about discounts, right! Let me brag some more about that.

  • You can submit McPixel fan-art pictures to get a $1 discount!
  • You can also compose Ode to McPixel, upload to youtube and submit foor a $2.50 discount!

I am really looking forward to some MCPixel fan art and I hope you will create some and have fun in the process!

Anyways, I hope you are looking forward to full McPixel as much as I am and see you there! Cheers!

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