Spoiler-free, but you might not get the point if you didn’t watch.

So, I finally watched Indie Game: The Movie, and I really enjoyed it. I felt like there’s a point in this movie where I could pause and pin saying “I’m at this point!”. Well, except that I am not forecasting being a milionaire (or even financially stable) any time soon :P It made me feel “Hey, there’s nothing wrong with me after all!”. Well, it’s not like there’s nothing wrong with me at all, but I don’t feel bad about my beard now, of all the things.

So, I woke up and shared my amusement on Twitter, and in the moment of writing my twitter is still exploding with hate, and what I mostly get, is that it’s only about a small subset of indies that in fact got funding and publishing deals and IGF awards and in no way relate to poor starving smelly “real indies” like for example me.

So, this is wrong, because:1 So, here’s my counter-argument:

If they made a movie about me (or you, hater), it wouldn’t have a happy ending, successfully ruining the entire point of that movie.

1 I might have worded that wrong.

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    Totally agree with you.
    Even though we know that FEZ came out, the movie is open ended enough to give you that uncertain feeling that shit could still go wrong.

    The special edition of the movie is going to be very interesting, especially for the haters, since they shot interviews with a lot more people and later narrowed it down to Team Meat, John Blow and Phil Fish.

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    “a small subset of indies that in fact got funding and publishing deals”

    Just wanted to repeat that line so that it was in the record twice.

    And yeah, I agree with your review, the movie totally sucked.

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    Ok, gents/ladies/miscellaneous prepare for wall of text since twitter doesn’t allow me to post one: Basically your “counter argument” assumes one or two of the following:

    1. the point of the documentary is to inspire other indies/make them happy/make Sos feel good about not shaving.

    2. documentaries should have a happy ending

    That is not at all what I gathered, and not what I expected. What I DID expect is summed up better in this trailer:


    This is a great short and IMO better than the actual movie! In it Adam tells us about his game, how he developed it, what his vision is, what he aspires too, and all that with concrete examples that we could even learn from ourselves – awesome!

    It’s NOT about showing us how Adam is a starving artist and/or a wicked rock-star.

    It’s about indie games, and about making them, and about the vision of one person making them. I wish the whole movie was made of shorts like those.

    THAT SAID, the movie is a feel-good story of a couple of very successful and mostly likable dudes (well at least some of them are). I felt happy for them at the end for their success & that nobody killed themselves.

    Maybe Tommy’s parents got their house payed for or a even new car! They seemed like such a nice couple, that would be neat.

    So yeah, I think the movie is flawed, I don’t HATE it and I certainly don’t HATE the people making or participating in it.


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