I’ve been a bit quiet outside of twitter but I’ve been working tirelessly on the game! I’ll be making some cool announcements right here soon and I’m really excited so stay tuned! Other than that, game development is being game development, crashes, bugs, setbacks and nothing is ready on time, but I’m having hell lotta fun so I can’t really complain. Also, it’s 04:38 as I’m writing this, and my no-crunch principle has fallen. :P But despite too much work, I’m trying to stay up and healthy, with a lot of workout/exercise breaks, plus a bit of physiotherapy, since I injured my foot (but I’m gonna be back to 100% soon) in an actual mosh pit doing research for the game (and having fun, and getting beaten up). But I have some really cool footage, check it out!

Ok, but back to the game! I have created and been maintaining a design document which is pretty just a doc file where I throw all of my ideas in trying to categorise them coherently, and here are some things that are gonna happen in the game:

  • Plot! There’s gonna be plot and cutscenes. This means story mode that you can beat start to finish! I’m crunching on the first scenes and I want them to be as bollocks as you can get! It take a lot of work but I’m super happy with where this is going!
  • Extra game modes I wan tto keep the game as “open” as it can get, in terms of letting the player break everything and play around and exploit bugs etc. And to facilitate that, apart from the story mod that ends, I’ll try to have funny game modes. If you have suggestions for these, bring it on!
  • More enemies! I made a chubby dude and a short lady, but I still llike the default dude the most. Oh, I also added a horse. And a giant velociraptor, but it doesn’t move yet!
  • Machinery and vehicles! In the first level, you’re riding a transport cart. You’ll be driving cars and flying helicopters too. And the mosh pit dudes will be there to “help” you with that :P
  • Superpowers! These are gonna include:
    • Force charge – Clecnh your fists and stay as immobile as possible to charge up! You ned full charge before performing force moves!
    • Time manipulation – Use the touchpad to manipulate time when charged!
    • Force draw / push – Use left hand to move objects around and draw them close and right to push enemies away from the distance.
    • Ground pound – Punch the ground to push everything away

    And as usual, I’m open to suggestions! Bring all of them!

So, if you’d like to participate in shaping the game use the forums!

Click here for Mosh Pit Simulator forums

If you want to suggest features, ask questions, nag me about a playable version, or just say hi, this is the place to do it! I’ll try to post dev updates there too! In the meantime, off I go! Cheeeers and stay tuned! More cool news will come tomorrow!

PS. How do you like the new fixed blog theme? :)

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