I woke up on Black Friday and realised, Hey! It’s black friday! I should have a bargain too! So, I made this:

It took me few hours to get the website up and running, I learnt how to make a Paypal button in the process (ubereasy!) and created a supercrazy insane bundle of, well… free games for $1

Let me get down to why did I even do that and what was the outcome…

I hate prose, here’s what happened:
(feel free to skip to the FAQ if you know the whole bundle business)

1. The dawn of the bundles…

2. The dawn of ‘I hate bundles’

  • Some people[citation needed] got pissed at bundles
  • Soma claims were that it’s unfair, some claims were that it got obnoxious
  • Tametick summed ‘the unfair part’ in his article

Personally, I don’t think it was unfair, since anyone can make a bundle, but I do think it got obnoxious, mostly because of the Humble Bundle not being humble anymore IMO. Tametick’s article is a good read tho, regardless whether you agree or not. Also, Tametick is awesome, regardless of anything :)

3. The dawn of Obnoxious Friday Bundle

  • I woke up on Friday and started IRC
  • I said this:
    <sosbusy> hey it’s black friday
    <sosbusy> i should have a bargain too
  • I browsed my games looking for finished ones, not minding the quality
  • I 7zipped them together and hacked up an ugly website
  • When I finished, It was just morning in the US, thanks to Time Zones \o/
  • I went even more obnoxious posting about the bundle everywhere I could
  • I got deemed crazy for even being able to come up with such idea
  • Awesome indie friends started retweeting it, among them was Notch who caused the most ruckus
  • Fortunately, my website sustained sudden traffic spike. Went down for around 3 minutes actually.
  • After several hours, it all ended peacefully :)

4. FAQ (real one this time :P)
Q. Numbers?
A. Sure!

  • Downloads: 4437
  • Sales: 287
  • Pagehits: 51527
  • Total badwidth generated: 70 GB
  • Bundle download bandwidth: 49 GB
  • Actual money made: $187 (paypal fees)

And here’s a traffic chart (it says pages/files/requests):

Q. Why did you enable people to download without paying?
A. It was free games I was selling! they are all free somewhere else anyways. Moreover, secure transaction scripting is ugh…

Q. But the pays/downloads rate is so low, it proves that everyone is a pirate!
A. It was all free anyways. Where’s piracy in downloading free games? Free free!

Q. Why did you put the price as $1, not pay-what-you-want?
A. $1 was $1 too much for all this. It’s a bad thing to be greedy.

Q. Why did you do all this?
A. Just for fun of making fun of everything :P

Q. So, you did get your message through?
A. No message, I am just not fully sane. There’s no reasoning behind all this! Actually, perhaps I wanted to display that anyone can make a bundle. I dunno… It was all too spontaneous to have reasons and messages and all that boring stuff.

Q. How are you spending your wealth?
A. I’m going to buy christmas gifts :)

Q. Don’t you need to pay your hosting bills now?
A. My hosting provider is awesome, there’s no bandwidth limit for me :)

Q. Will you do this again? Can my game be included too?
A. I am not planning to do this again (unless until next Black Friday!). But I do consider writing up a website to enable people to make shitgame bundles like that in the future.

Aaaand… here comes my point

Q. How did this crazy idea got so successful?
A. Thanks to friends :) Indies are like one big family, everyone helps each other, spread the workd about one another’s games, discuss and share ideas, beta-test stuff. That’s what makes indies different from corporate gamedev companies who all are hermetic enemies hating eachother, we are all bunch of hipsters and we love each other. Sometimes people are envious, but hey! It’s a human thing! And an incentive to work harder :)

Okay, enough writing for now… I need to get back to working on McPixel

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    Wish there was a big LIKE button under this post!

    PS: The “Required” question didn’t allow me to enter the full name of the person asked for, I feel dumbed down.

  2. 27

    You are crazy and I love you.

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    Anthony Thomas

    Nice, glad to see this explanation as I was extremely confused. Keep up the excellent crazy.

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