McPixel has this Free DLC option and it’s high time to utilise it! I’ve been working on this DLC for way too long and now it’s coming! Here are screenshits from all six upcoming levels.

Can you guess what they are?


Steam Greenlight

McPixel is up on Steam Greenlight since the very beginning of the thing. You can now cast your votes and help it get to Steam!

There has been slight controversy regarding Greenlight as of lately that I would like to address. Let me provide some background story for posterity first.

This is a semi-chronological list of events that brought Greenlight to life and enshadowed it.

  • Steam Greenlight gets announced. It is to replace standard submission service allowing underdog games to shine.
  • Steam Greenlight launches. Tons of tits, boobs, and utter nonsense gets posted.
  • The internet is not impressed, and asks for countermeasures.
  • Valve introduces $100 fine fee to get onto Greenlight
  • The internet is even less impressed.

Let me now state my opinion on that. I would like to point out that this is a personal biased view of a madman. I am a competition monkey thriving all kinds of rivalry, even at such expense.

I think that Steam Greenlight is a great service that will eventually do it’s job properly. It’s job is to bring Indie games that would not be able to get to Steam by other means to light, and eventually to Steam. As the premise of it was to allow anyone in, Valve underestimated the awfulness of the internet and was forced, and even asked to provide countermeasures against awful submissions and clutter. The countermeasures, being the fee, brought upon a multitude of extensive criticism from my fellow indie game developers.

While the fee is quite excessive, I would not give it a second thought. I wanted McPixel on Greenlight as soon as I heard of it. I can see how that might be quite an expense for indies, but this is Valve’s choice of the financial status of games’ they’d like to see on Greenlight developers. I think, however, that with the submission fee introduced in the first place, there would be no need for Greenlight to exist. But on the other hand. I am totally mistaken, thinking that underdog stuff, like for example, McPixel would get through any kind of sane reviewing process. Yeah.

As for me, Steam Greenlight is the perfect oppoturnity for McPixel to get on Steam. As I said, McPixel would never get through Valve’s and any other QA (Quality Assurance) service, because ugh… yeah… go play it if you need me to finish. And not only for McPixel, but for other Indie games, Greenlight is the perfect opportunity to get noticed by Valve and end up on Steam.

As awkward and off-putting current Valve’s choices may seem, it is to be acknowledged, that their response to feedback is swift and decisive and that they are doing their best to make the service do its job well. Greenlight is in its infancy and I believe it will mature into something terrific.

I hear people saying that Steam is not the only way to sell your games, and you can live without them. Sure! So far I have been well with distributing McPixel directly from its website (and through Mobile stores recently). But I made this game to see people enjoy it, and Steam is a great opportunity to allow more people to access it. I also hear you can make cool bucks out of it. But hey, I managed to make some cool buck out of selling it directly from my website already. So remember that you don’t need Steam. You might want Steam. Well, I want Steam. I hope Steam wants McPixel! This is for Greenlight to settle!

As for the time of this writing, McPixel is at 10% of votes required to get accepted, which already proves that Greenlight can see what QA couldn’t, or the other way round (definitely the other way round). I would love to see Greenlight working as intended, and voting McPixel up, brings it closer to that.


McPixel Mobile!

McPixel Mobile is out! There’s not much to say! But you might wonder why is it so significantly cheaper the PC version.

Visit McPixel website!

For now, McPixel Mobile is priced at $1.99 in contrast to PC’s $9.99. So here’s a rundown of why is that.

  • $9.99 – We start with the PC price
  • $8.99 – It’s a mobile game, mobile games a cheaper! (-$1)
  • $7.99 – No Free DLC! (-$1)
  • $6.99 – No McPixel Social! (-$1)
  • $5.99 – No Level Creator! (-$1)
  • $4.99 – No McPixel Fart-Along! (-$1)
  • $3.99 – No Soundtrack! (-$1)
  • $2.99 – No Juicy Pixel Filters! (-$1)
  • $1.99 – Just because I love you! (-$1)

So yeah, some of the features were dropped from mobile mostly because lack of support and my laziness! But the best part is still there!



Yay! Ludum Dare 24 is over and I had amazing 48 hours of fun and work!

I decided to make a beat’em’shmup in the style of retro SNK games such as Caddilacs & Dinosaurs! there’s not much to say about it, it’s a really simple game about Badass who decided to go natural selection on Hipsters!

Play Badass here!

Spoiler-free, but you might not get the point if you didn’t watch.

So, I finally watched Indie Game: The Movie, and I really enjoyed it. I felt like there’s a point in this movie where I could pause and pin saying “I’m at this point!”. Well, except that I am not forecasting being a milionaire (or even financially stable) any time soon :P It made me feel “Hey, there’s nothing wrong with me after all!”. Well, it’s not like there’s nothing wrong with me at all, but I don’t feel bad about my beard now, of all the things.

So, I woke up and shared my amusement on Twitter, and in the moment of writing my twitter is still exploding with hate, and what I mostly get, is that it’s only about a small subset of indies that in fact got funding and publishing deals and IGF awards and in no way relate to poor starving smelly “real indies” like for example me.

So, this is wrong, because:1 So, here’s my counter-argument:

If they made a movie about me (or you, hater), it wouldn’t have a happy ending, successfully ruining the entire point of that movie.

1 I might have worded that wrong.


Furball Engine

Furball Engine is actually my Ludum Dare 19 game Frolicking furballs Safari Resort. It has fully commented source code and my intention is to provide a set of detachable tech that you can take out of the engine and include in your own game. It also can be used entirely to build your game upon it, if you are man enough to write your game in C.

Anyways, the engine is available for free commercial or whatever kind of use to anyone, and my intent is that it will come in handy during 7DFPS, so grab it, check it out, and use it!

Grab it now!


Because We May!

Visit the website!

So, I went totally rebel this time. Because We May is a really cool event hosted by Ron Carmel. the premise was that we celebrate being able to adjust our games’ prices to our pleasure. So I changed the price of Super Office Stress to $99.99 for the entire week. I already explained some of the reasoning behind this to Chris of Indie Game Mag and you can read about it here, but let me get to it in more detail.

Why did Super Office Stress went all this way up:

  • First of all, I wanted to do this anyways! Yes, I was planning on setting up a sale like this for some time! Coincidentally, because We May was coming soon, so I took my chance!
  • I wanted to display the slight irony of ‘celebrating’ by setting the price down while indies keep starving. (Ironically to that, SOS was made for Indie Buskers, remeber?)
  • I wanted to spark a discussion about indie game pricing, which I think I succeeded in.
  • I actually thought someone might buy it.
  • Fun factor! I have tendency to do silly shit spontaneously. I couldn’t possibly resist missing such oppoturnity.
  • I was curious on how people would react to that.

Luckily to me, most people got the point that I was just being super-silly with that. Even more luckily, I managed to serve some food for thought, and I’m quite proud of that. I was also deemed a douche, I guess that’s understandable.

Anyways! I promised to make up for all this, so have a happy Kiddie Day and enjoy Super Office Stress for free! Only for the day!

Now I need to get back to getting used to being a douche, ASSHOLE.

Ok, I totally hate to do this but I have to. I will try to properly explain myself so please don’t hate me for that.

Bad news:
McPixel PC release date gets pushed back to 25th of June

I really feel bad about that so let me rant on how it have come to this. First of all, the 6th of June was nearly impossible and I consciously set that hoping to get it done in time. I wanted to kick myself in the butt and get the shit done in time. Other than that, I am bound by having to make games for a living, so I calculated that this is the possible time when I will ran out of cash. So yeah, why didn’t I open the preorders? I dunno! But what is most important, is that I don’t want to release a half-assed game and I want to do my best to have the best possible product came out of this. I really put some heart into this game and I want to do this properly, so I’d rather push it a while back and let you enjoy the fully bloomed experience of this crazy insanity and stuff blowing up.

So, that was bad news, now for the better ones!

Good news:
McPixel is open for preorders and you can grab it at discounted price!

I thought about what to set as final price for McPixel and I decided that ten bucks is fine. I do believe that this is a fair price and that you will not regret spending that on the game. But I said about discounts, right! Let me brag some more about that.

  • You can submit McPixel fan-art pictures to get a $1 discount!
  • You can also compose Ode to McPixel, upload to youtube and submit foor a $2.50 discount!

I am really looking forward to some MCPixel fan art and I hope you will create some and have fun in the process!

Anyways, I hope you are looking forward to full McPixel as much as I am and see you there! Cheers!

Visit the website!


McPixel release date

Visit the website

McPixel gets a proper release date! and it’s super soon! Expect to be playing this explosive madness 23 days from now! I am super-crunching and testing and playing and drawing and coding and oh man, so much work! But yes, on the 6th of June 2012, you will be able to purchase McPixel for your home computer!

And that’s not all! I released a new demo for Mcpixel too! You can now enjoy goodness of 6 brand new McPixel levels! Go check it out, it’s completely free and tons of fun!

More information on the official website, stop reading this now, and go there! Stop! No, don’t read any more of this! Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you! Ughh…. TITS!!!! There, I said it!


Super Office Stress

Get it here for a dice roll!

This is it! I released my first standalone indie game! It was all started with Indie Buskers! I really liked what I made for the busker jam, but by no means it was complete. So i spent some additional time adding content and features and polish and tweaks and fun to the game, and then I was finished with the final Super Office Stress as it is now!

The entire game was created in C with OpenGL 1.1 for graphics. Thanks to that I achieved super performance and pretty high portability. To the contrary of popular belief, C is really portable. With C++ I might have some more issues, but with my game like this, I just compiled it on Windows, Mac and Linux in both 32 and 64 bit architectures without much hassle! But it needs a cross-platform library, and I used one. I used Allegro. At first it was using Allegro 4.2, but it wouldn’t port to Mac OS X, so I had to switch to using Allegro 5.0. Thanks to that I got it working across all PC operating systems.

The game is about a guy named Fred, who goes to his new job for the first time! And there he finds – lots of dead bodies! But that doesn’t count since he already decided to fuck life and kill everyone. And there you go. Your task in the game is to kill everyone. It’s a simple roguelike, you loot stuff, equip it and kill people with it. You can also eat stuff and throw it at enemies. But wait! What is this stuff that you can find in the office? Well, it’s office appliances! That’s right, you can equip copiers, plants, water dispensers, PCs, phones, bookshelves and so on. You can also eat all this too! At the very end – the rooftop, awaits a boss, Fatass CEO. You have to topple him down from the roof, but be aware, as he pukes pink kittens!