McPixel release date

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McPixel gets a proper release date! and it’s super soon! Expect to be playing this explosive madness 23 days from now! I am super-crunching and testing and playing and drawing and coding and oh man, so much work! But yes, on the 6th of June 2012, you will be able to purchase McPixel for your home computer!

And that’s not all! I released a new demo for Mcpixel too! You can now enjoy goodness of 6 brand new McPixel levels! Go check it out, it’s completely free and tons of fun!

More information on the official website, stop reading this now, and go there! Stop! No, don’t read any more of this! Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you! Ughh…. TITS!!!! There, I said it!


Super Office Stress

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This is it! I released my first standalone indie game! It was all started with Indie Buskers! I really liked what I made for the busker jam, but by no means it was complete. So i spent some additional time adding content and features and polish and tweaks and fun to the game, and then I was finished with the final Super Office Stress as it is now!

The entire game was created in C with OpenGL 1.1 for graphics. Thanks to that I achieved super performance and pretty high portability. To the contrary of popular belief, C is really portable. With C++ I might have some more issues, but with my game like this, I just compiled it on Windows, Mac and Linux in both 32 and 64 bit architectures without much hassle! But it needs a cross-platform library, and I used one. I used Allegro. At first it was using Allegro 4.2, but it wouldn’t port to Mac OS X, so I had to switch to using Allegro 5.0. Thanks to that I got it working across all PC operating systems.

The game is about a guy named Fred, who goes to his new job for the first time! And there he finds – lots of dead bodies! But that doesn’t count since he already decided to fuck life and kill everyone. And there you go. Your task in the game is to kill everyone. It’s a simple roguelike, you loot stuff, equip it and kill people with it. You can also eat stuff and throw it at enemies. But wait! What is this stuff that you can find in the office? Well, it’s office appliances! That’s right, you can equip copiers, plants, water dispensers, PCs, phones, bookshelves and so on. You can also eat all this too! At the very end – the rooftop, awaits a boss, Fatass CEO. You have to topple him down from the roof, but be aware, as he pukes pink kittens!

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So there I did it. A game about sadness of mundane everyday life. It will make you sad, or at the very least it will piss you off. It’s just like like. Here are some things that make it seem like real life:

  • You work, buy stuff, eat stuff and go to sleep. Then you start again.
  • In the end you die. There’s no happy ending.
  • In the beginning it’s confusing, in the end it’s just dull.
  • It has an uplifting mood, while the content is depressing
  • Everyone around you start dying at some point.
  • When you fulfill your life’s greatest dream, you realise it’s useless.

And there’s a cool story too, and voice acting! Anyways, here’s the story:
You are Jake and you are obsessed with a superhero called Bootman. Bootman is a guy that boots people that use foul language to death. In the beginning you control Bootman and boot people to death. then you wake up and realise (hopefully) it was all but a dream. And since you woke up, it’s time to work! So you go to work and work (it’s just ‘press X to work’ and a bit of running around). After work you need to go to shop to buy some food (it’s just ‘press X to buy food’ and a bit of running around). After that, you go home to eat (it’s just ‘press X to eat’). After that you go to sleep and occasionally you will see people dying in their appartaments. If you go to sleep with stamina at zero, you will die as well. The game goes on until everyone dies. Then something happens. THE END.


Indie Buskers

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So yeah, indies get poor sometimes. Once upon a time on the IRC we were talking about how poor we are and had this one idea! To make a performance of making games and sell them in the process! And yes, we did it, and we managed to get quite a spare change for that!

It was totally disorganised and random but somehow we managed to pull this off decently. At the beginning we didn’t have anything to show so we just told everyone that it’s a secret and that we will reveal stuff one by one! This happened to be quite a successful stunt! We got some press and managed to get some twitter followers too even before we showed our faced to the public! The buskers revelation was really crazy we got tons of people with questions and stuff and I had to work on the website all the time. At first the countdown timers were set up to build up suspense, but then I started setting up countdowns just to buy some time to discuss and come up with answers!

When it finally started, we were livestreaming everything, updating the website, tweeting like there’s no tomorrow and still we somehow managed to find some time to make the games! It was really crazy and we had lots of fun in the process! And it’s a thing that noone will have fun playing a game you had no fun making!

We were gathering ideas from people, then each of us picked five and we had people voting on the ideas as to what should we make. My idea was ‘Roguelike set in an office building. It’s your first day at work and you have to climb to the top to become the CEO. You have to overcome the work related terrors of each floor to get promoted to the next floor. Instead of monsters you face bitchy co-workers, evil managers and so on.’ and since I reeeeaaally suck at making roguelikes, I made an action-roguelike and called it Super Office Stress!

48h progress of Super Office Stress

We did pretty well and everyone got around $1k (we were splitting the cash straight in 5). thanks to that we managed to survive a bit longer and keep on making games! Thanks everyone!

Here are some stats too:

And now we’re planning a next one with more people!

Get it here! It’s free!

I always wanted to make a demoscene-style thing! And there I go! I took my Ludum Dare 19 entry Frolicking Furballs Safari Resort added some features and packed it into 9999 bytes! and yes, I actually added more features to it!

But the game in the end lacks one thing – text! there is absolutely no text in this game! And I had to figure how to show the player how to play the game without words, and came up with an idea. In the beginning you only walk around and watch furballs jump around and frolick. But if you try and press the mouse button, you would accidentally kill few of them. Also, a crosshair and furball meter appears when you do that! And when that happens, furballs get pissed, become black with red eyes and start chasing you until you drop dead! When they attack you first, a HP bar and dizziness bar appear on screen! And then you kill them too, and then more get pissed and so on until you get rid of all 4096 of them. There are few meter on screen.

  • Furball Meter – How many furballs are still alive and how many of them are pissed
  • Dizzy Meter – How dizzy you are. you get dizzy when you are bit by a pissed furball for a while.
  • Hit Points Meter – how much health you have left. it slowly regenerates, but only if you are not dizzy!

Here’s the tech I used to create the game:

  • Coded entirely in C
  • Compiled using Visual C++
  • Linked and compressed using Crinkler
  • Music made using Buzzic

Weee! Finally my time has come! To host a MiniLD you would have to wait until 2014 if you signed up now, and that kind of sucks. I managed to snatch a spot early, but I still had to wait a year for it. Still, it was worth it!

My idea for a this event was to get people to make as much games as possible in 48 hours! No rules! No restrictions! Who makes the most games, wins! Everyone’s progress was tracked using Google Spreadsheet. And here’s the official announcement post!

In the end, I have no idea how many games were made, but the guy who won have made
0905 games.

Well, uhm… I didn’t actually played any of them so I can’t say anything, but I won’t be counting them for sure! Anyways, if you want to check out all of the games you should see all of the submissions!

I made 10 games too! Well, it’s one game actually, but there are 10 olympic games inside! I was trying to get a physics engine to work and after failing miserably, I decided to code the ragdoll stuff myself. So it’s buggy as hell, but I like it that way!

Play it here!

Fortunately for me – there was a Global Game Jam site nearby, so this year I managed to take part. It was a great opportunity to meet some game developers from nearby. Unfortunately tho, I didn’t meet any indies! It appeared to me that there actually are no indie game developers anywhere near me, which is kind of sad.

Anyways, I made a good move – I brought my workstation instead of just a laptop! This brought me up to speed in no time! And I was able to create this cool game called Super Pig.

During the Global Game Jam that lasted 48 hours, I created a fully playable game that had a beginning, an end and 10 levels. I was really satisfied, and to my surprise, sponsors of my GGJ site prepared awards for games developed there! Super Pig got 2nd prize and I won a BlackBerry Playbook, weeee!

Anyways, the site was locked during the night, so I had to go back home and work on a laptop for the first night. and my laptop was 7″ EEE PC with 600MHz CPU. I had a rubber keyboard to go with that and it was super painful to get anything working on this setup. But I managed to have a working prototype by morning and I could spend the remaining time on creating content.

After the GGJ I decided to work on this game a bit more. I created more levels, added more enemies, amde user interface tweaks and in the end I was there with the hardest game I ever made. I started advertising Super Pig as ‘The hardest game of 2012 (so far!)’ and I still think it’s the hardest game this year up to date!

Some people were asking me how I managed to create the blood effect, and it’s fairly simple. in AS3 there’s a BitmapData.copyPixels() function, that can take alpha from a separate image. So I was just drawing blood splats over a level-sized bitmap, and then used level’s bitmap alpha channel to disable drawing the blood on non-solid pixels! It is really slow on mobile machines, but it’s perfectly fine for a PC.

I also had some fancy statistics system that reported death information back to me. thanks to that, I was able to create deathmaps for each level and make them even harder! You can check them out on super-ugly official website!

Oh, there is one cool sidestory to the website. Firstly, I registered superpig dot net, but it appeared that the website was being blocked by anti-virus software as malware (!). I did some research and it turned out to have been a domain with uhm… pr0n…. and uhm…. kinda… homopr0n…. Let’s not talk about it anymore :P

In the end I managed to get Armor Games sponsorship for Super Pig, which is really cool and something I always wished for!

The reception of the finished product wasn’t as good as I expected. I mean, I did realise that people would get enraged and quit in rage leaving low marks and nasty comments, but what actually happened was beyond me. I saw people screaming and shouting at their screens and pulling their hair out and I realised that this game really makes you RAGE!

Play it here!

There’s not much to write about it, since it only lasted so little. nanoLD was preparation for the upcoming miniLD, hosted by me! And since it was nano, it lasted 48 minutes. still, tons of cool games were made for it! Check them out in this official announcement post!

I failed. I failed miserably and spent 30 minutes on something I had to throw away. But I didn’t give up! I never do! So I actually made games in the remaining 18 minutes using FlashPunk. It’s called Lazy Confetti Lazor and it sucks. Play it here!

This is actually a good opportunity for challenge! Can you make a game in less than 18 minutes? I bet you could! Try it! the only way to develop your gamedev skills is to actually exploit them to the max!


Stop SOPA Game Jam

We keep beating the shit out of it, and they keep coming back! SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, TPP, blocking Pirate Bay, extracting innocent people to US prisons, government surveillance, I could continue like this forever. This never ends. WHY? the answer is simple. when a government officiall accepts a bribe to push a bill through, he has to push it through, you can’t just say ‘Sorry, I didn’t make it’ and return the bribe, can you? So in the end, a bill that does all that dirty shit will be pushed and dark ages for the internet will begin. We won a battle but we’re losing the war!

In the beginning I thought it’s just going to be a fun opportunity to make some games. I didn’t see how this could make a change. But after it ended, I realised that we really managed to add to the fight and therefore successfully strengthened up the anti-SOPA fight.

And since we joined the fight, we got help too! Many a press covered the event, and special thanks should go to Newgrounds for featuring all anti-SOPA games on their frontpage!

Here’s some cool press we got:
Official Ludum Dare announcement post
Indiegames.com Article
Indie Game Mag Article
Polygamia.pl article (polish)
Kotaku article
Joystiq article
Shacknews article

I think we really did a great job that pushed the thing a bit forward. SOPA was shelved the same day.

My game was Congress Chainsaw Massacre and I kind of went ‘fuck this’ with it.

Play it here!

For Ludum Dare 23 I wanted to create a proper platformer badly. I even set up a framework to go with! But in the end I decided to use Stage3D. I didn’t want to be learnign engines while I had only 48 hours, so I decided to roll my own thing. And this is what I ended up with.

Play it here!

Most of all, I am really satisfied with the what I managed to pull of this time! I had a working 3D engine, fun car physics, cool music, surprising gameplay, but. It was not as finished as I wanted to be. There were no instructions for the player, no backstory, just driving around wrecking havoc throughout the city.

You may think that I wanted to pull off too much by writing a 3D engine myself. Well, I am kind of used to doing stuff like that and that was not the factor that caused me most trouble. Most trouble was with the content! I have a fair number of models, they all had to be UV-mapped and textured. Then I had a 256×256 map. It’s nearly impossible to draw a map this big as it would take you at least 10 hours to click on each of the 65536 tiles.

Anyways, let me get to the concept of the game.

You drive around the Afrocity wrecking havoc. It’s kind of impossible to avoid wrecking havoc since enemies bump from you like rubber ducks, fly off and die. When you wreck enough havoc, and fill the havoc bar up to the half, you have 5 seconds to fill it up to 100%. After that you are transported to Atrocity.

You only have a limited time to spend in Atrocity, and how much time you have depends on how far you managed to push the havoc bar. Your task is to find a big shiny red gem. And it appears in a different place each time. if you find it and manage to get to it before the time runs out, you win!

That’s all, no ending cutscene, no fanfare, no nothing, just a ‘you win’ message.

That’s why i’m not as much satisfied with the game, but I’m still satisfied with how much I’ve done in these 48h.