Mosh Pit Simulator
will be playable at Gamescom 2016 in Polish Pavillon located at booth B-026 in Hall 4.1 in Business Area!

As Pixel Heaven 2016 was the first time Mosh Pit Simulator was shown publicly, it was pretty much just a tech demo. This time, you wil be able to play the first scenes from the actual game! Feelf ree to come and play it ad hoc, however, if you have a busy schedule and would like to make sure you will get to play, I will gladly reserve a spot for you! Just drop me an email at!

I have a crazy week ahead of me, and even if you won’t make it to check out the game at Gamescom, you can catch me at surrounding events! Here’s my crazy week in a nutshell:

  • Evoke 2016 (Friday, August 12 – Sunday, August 14)
    • 16:00, Saturday – Seminar Making retro games in the future, or can games be demoscene? – I always had hard time making non-interactive things, thius most of my homegrown scene productions are just games that share features reminiscent of demoscene, such as size or hardware limitations. I will elaborate on the creation of these, and how I actually got to learn all that old shit even though it was all going on before I was even born :P
    • Hopefully a cool prod! :)
  • GDC Europe (Monday, August 15 – Sunday, Tuesday 16)
    • 10:00, Monday – TalkBuilding a Local Indie Game Community – I’ll talk about how Polish indie community evolved throughout several past years from pretty much not exisitng to a really vibrant, inclusive and supportive community!
    • 11:15, Tuesday – Panel Who needs diversity? Everybody! – We will discuss making our industry and community even more open for everyone and how we can be more inclusive supportive and create and maintain a welcoming safe space within this wretched industry (jk, I love this industry <3)
  • Respawn 2016 (Monday, August 15 – Tuesday, August 16)
  • Gamescom 2016 (Wenesday, August 17 – Friday, August 19) with
    • Booth B-026, Hall 4.1, Polish Pavillon aka. Indie Games Polska booth – Business Area – Showcasing Mosh Pit Simulator!
    • Hopefully a cool prod! :)
  • Innogames Game Jam (Wenesday, August 17 – Friday, August 19)
    • I’ll be there mostly at night crunching on a game between busy Gamescom days (I’ll prolly just faint on my keyboard)! Catch me there! :)

I’ll be on all of these events! Feel free to nag me via email or Twitter if you’d like to meet up and chat about the game or just hang out! I’ll gladly share some juicy details :) I’ll also have the tiny VRPC I built on me and will be showcasing the game on it if you want to check it out!

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