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McPixel is up on Steam Greenlight since the very beginning of the thing. You can now cast your votes and help it get to Steam!

There has been slight controversy regarding Greenlight as of lately that I would like to address. Let me provide some background story for posterity first.

This is a semi-chronological list of events that brought Greenlight to life and enshadowed it.

  • Steam Greenlight gets announced. It is to replace standard submission service allowing underdog games to shine.
  • Steam Greenlight launches. Tons of tits, boobs, and utter nonsense gets posted.
  • The internet is not impressed, and asks for countermeasures.
  • Valve introduces $100 fine fee to get onto Greenlight
  • The internet is even less impressed.

Let me now state my opinion on that. I would like to point out that this is a personal biased view of a madman. I am a competition monkey thriving all kinds of rivalry, even at such expense.

I think that Steam Greenlight is a great service that will eventually do it’s job properly. It’s job is to bring Indie games that would not be able to get to Steam by other means to light, and eventually to Steam. As the premise of it was to allow anyone in, Valve underestimated the awfulness of the internet and was forced, and even asked to provide countermeasures against awful submissions and clutter. The countermeasures, being the fee, brought upon a multitude of extensive criticism from my fellow indie game developers.

While the fee is quite excessive, I would not give it a second thought. I wanted McPixel on Greenlight as soon as I heard of it. I can see how that might be quite an expense for indies, but this is Valve’s choice of the financial status of games’ they’d like to see on Greenlight developers. I think, however, that with the submission fee introduced in the first place, there would be no need for Greenlight to exist. But on the other hand. I am totally mistaken, thinking that underdog stuff, like for example, McPixel would get through any kind of sane reviewing process. Yeah.

As for me, Steam Greenlight is the perfect oppoturnity for McPixel to get on Steam. As I said, McPixel would never get through Valve’s and any other QA (Quality Assurance) service, because ugh… yeah… go play it if you need me to finish. And not only for McPixel, but for other Indie games, Greenlight is the perfect opportunity to get noticed by Valve and end up on Steam.

As awkward and off-putting current Valve’s choices may seem, it is to be acknowledged, that their response to feedback is swift and decisive and that they are doing their best to make the service do its job well. Greenlight is in its infancy and I believe it will mature into something terrific.

I hear people saying that Steam is not the only way to sell your games, and you can live without them. Sure! So far I have been well with distributing McPixel directly from its website (and through Mobile stores recently). But I made this game to see people enjoy it, and Steam is a great opportunity to allow more people to access it. I also hear you can make cool bucks out of it. But hey, I managed to make some cool buck out of selling it directly from my website already. So remember that you don’t need Steam. You might want Steam. Well, I want Steam. I hope Steam wants McPixel! This is for Greenlight to settle!

As for the time of this writing, McPixel is at 10% of votes required to get accepted, which already proves that Greenlight can see what QA couldn’t, or the other way round (definitely the other way round). I would love to see Greenlight working as intended, and voting McPixel up, brings it closer to that.

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  1. 05

    Nice blog post, I agree on Valve being reasonable [$50 would’ve been more reasonable, though]. If you think about it, it’s sort of reverse alpha-funding! “Give us 100 bucks and maybe we’ll let you.”

    I think the main problem people have with it is the fact that you have to pay $100 without a guarantee that it will actually end up on Steam..

  2. 26
    Nathan Smit

    Thanks for the insight, would love to hear more from you about your insight into steam, selling directly, and how things get noticed.

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