Yesterday was the first day of Stugan and it has been amazing so far. The trip there was full of adventures and the atmosphere here is welcoming and family like. Let me tell you about my first day at Stugan!

Sos Tiny Red Car
Sea Ferry WAWEL

I have decided to go in my Tiny Red Car (Polski Fiat 126p). It’s an old communist version of Fiat that’s kind of iconic in Poland. Tittouan Millet once wrote a song about it!

I took a ferry from Gdansk to Nynnshamn, which took 18 hours and was kind of wobbly. Still ferries are spectacular marine beings, and if you ever have a chance, you should totally check them out!

I have arrived without major hiccups. Well, the wipers broke on the way and my car battery spilled inside the car, but I still made it in time :P Sweden ism a beautiful country, and unlike mainland europe, it has a lot of wilderness and you don’t really pass a lot of villages on your way.

Jana and Tommy Palm
(most of) The Team

Stugan is a game accelerator program taking place in a Swedish cabin in the middle of nowhere. It is a non-profit endevour run by swedish game develpment profesionals who are the nicest people ever and just want to make something good happen for indies.

There are 25 game developers forming 15 teams from 16 different countries from all over the world. Everybody is awesome, super talented and the games look amazing! The thing is ran by Jana and Tommy Palm, and evebn though it has only been one day, this place feels like home and everybody is like a one big family (it kind of feels as if Tommy and Jana adopted all of us for the time being :P)

Sweden is full of lupin!
This was takes at 10pm

Stugan takes place in Bjursas Sweden is overgrown with lupin at this time of year, and lavender patches of it grow wild every here and there. It is much cooler (in both ways) than what I’m used to in Poland, and you can even find patches of snow and ice here and there.

There’s also no night going on, and the sun is way higher than usual, which makes it hard to judge the time correctly and easy to work too mjuch or stay up too late. The photo
above on the left was takes at 10pm. Can you tell it was that late? Also, it doesn’t get much darker than that.

Swedish breakfast! Yum!
My cozy corner!

I have a cozy spot for my VR setup. It took me an entire day to put the PC back together and connect everything but my workspace is super convenient now. And I have a lot of space for VR (managed to set up a 3.3m x 2.3m) which is also super convenient!

My plan here is to finish up an early access version of the game, but also to find a work / life balance and to become a viking. That’s a lot of things for 7 weeks. I will do ym best to post an update every Monday and stream every Thursday. And now I’m gonna get back to work. I really want to get this done (and we have a group hike after lunch, weee!)

Hej då!

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